Special power supply

Special DC Power Supply
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The KYAF-300A/3300V,a high-voltage controllable rectifier power supply,which desihned and produced for 722 Ressearch Institute of CSIC by our conpany,is used for national key scientific projects.

       The particularity of the rectifier power supply is that its load is a single-phase inventor built by IGCT with an output of 0.1HZ~300Hz,and there is a dynamic change of frequency and power output in the inventor's working process,especially when in low frequency,its current backwards flow and interference in the voltage is more serious.The maximal voltage and current bared by the rectifier power supply in each unit cannot be designde on a tegular basis,which leads to a ndde of the new electrical and controlling system design and development of the products,higher performance for the digital controlling systems,support for field bus communication protocol and good anti-interference ability.

       Main technical characteristics of our product:

       (1) Designed and developed under a high-performance digital controlling system based on DSP+FPGA technology,which meets its needs for the controlling performance and remote monitoring network communication.

       (2) Use of photoelectric trigger technology, connected by high potential panel of the main circuit and fibers of the controlling system, can improve the anti-interference ability and safety performance of the products.

       (3) Optimization of the product's controlling circuit design ; the use of shielding ground technology, ensuring its good performance in strong electromagnetism environment.

       (4) Choose of thyristor with large capacity and air  forced  design for each component, avoiding series-parallel circuit and at the same time, improving its reliability and stability.

       (5) Emphasis on various protective measures in the product's overall structural design and strict controlling standards in the product's process, installation and wiring.

       (6) Excellent technology scalability;  the advanced design and typical application for Thyristor DC power products can be achieved in the digital controlling system.

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