Flexible AC transmission

The Active Power Filter
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With widely used of various nonlinear loads including the ferromagnetic load, arc equipment, Power electronic equipment, and other equipments in power system, the harmonic pollution has the Potential threat on power system's security and economic operation. At the same time, it reduces the equipment efficiency greatly and generates additional thermal effect.

       The Active Power Filte(APF)device, can dynamically suppress harmonic current, compensates reactive power and balances system voltage,thus ensuring the operation of equipment safely and effectively.

       This device can be widely used in fields of power system, iron and steel industry, chemical industry, new energy power generation, rail transportation, paper painting, commercial building, SChool, hospital, and etc.

       The device has the following functions :

       Dynamically suppressing harmonic current into the power system, so the THD level of thecurrent can be reduced.

       Dynamically compensating reactive power, improve power factor, and save energy.

       Dynamically suppressing harmonies and compensating reactive power at the same time.

       Balance three-phase load.

       The device has the following advantages:

       Wide filtering range, 2nd-50th harmonies.

       Fast response speed.

       Diversified function. Filtering and compensation can be set freely.

       Intellective products. When output currents exceeds compensation capacity, the systetm automatically come into the current limiting mode.

       Technical parameters:

       Rated voltage : 400V.

       Rated compensation capacity : 50-300kvar

       Filtering scope : 2nd-50th harmonics.

       Response time : less than 10ms.

       Overload ability : lmin @ 1.2Un

       Type of cooling : forced air cooling

       Protecting level : lp20

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