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Static reactive-power generator
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Static Var generator (SVG)is the most advanced reactive compensation devices. It no longer adopts the large capacity of the capacitance and inductance device, but through high frequency switch of high power electronic devices IGBT to realize reactive power control, what makes the reactive power compensation technology a qualitative leap. The device adopts the advanced current detection technology, optical fiber isolation and trigger technology and etc. the reactive power can be regulated between rated capacitive power continuously, So that it can be used to stable power factor and system voltage, improve power quality of the system.

       This device can be widely used in power systems, wind power plant, steel industry, metallurgy industry, petrochemical industry, rail transportation and other fields.

       The device has the following advantages:

       Advanced control. Low harmonics, low losses high efficiency, and small floor area.

       Wide operating range. On steady state, it can improve the continuous variation of the inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power.

       When the power system has failure, the device can stable the system voltage quickly and effectively.

       Fast response. Response time is less than 10ms.

       Diversified compensation function. Which can both realize reactive power compensation and restrain voltage fluctuation.

       Technology parameters:

       Rated voltage: 400V~35kV

       Rated frequency: 50Hz

       Rated compensation capacity: 300kvar~100Mvar

       Response time: less than 10ms

       Overload capability: 1min @ 1.2Un

       Type of Cooling: forced air cooling

       Protection level: IP20

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