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Dynamic Voltage Restorer
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Due to the increasing complexity in the power system, voltage sags are now becoming one of the most significant power quality problems and deserves attention. Applying Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a effective way to solve such power quality problems by Power Electronics devices. It can provide the most commercial solutions to mitigation voltage sag by injecting voltage as well as power into the system. The DvR is connected in afe. series between the load and the supply voltage to make sure the load can run steady and safe.

       The DVR can apply extensive in transformer substation, factory with sensitive equipment, Medical and military facilities.

       The device has the following advantages:

       (1)Continuously monitor the load voltage and mitigation voltage sag by injecting voltage as well as power into the system.

       (2)Advanced control. Iow losses, high efficiency.

       (3)Fast response : Response time is less than 5 ms.

       (4)Compensating capacity and Compensating Voltage sags can be determined by users.

       Technology parameters:

       (1)Rated voltage : 400V-35kV,

       (2)Rated frequency: 50 Hz. 60Hz.

       (3)Rated compensation voltage sag :±10%~-70%(can be determined by user)

       (4)Rated compensation capacity : can be determined by user.

       (5)compensation time greater than 2s.

       (6)voltage stabilization accuracy ±2%.

       (7)Load voltage unbalance extent : less than 4%.

       (8)Response time : less than 5 ms

       (9)Type of Cooling : forced air cooling

       (10)Protection level : IP20

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