Flexible AC transmission

Static-var Compensation Device
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Xi’an XD Power System Co., Ltd, the earliest large state-owned enterprise that undertake the research and design of SVC equipment, has provided the first set of 14kV/35MVar SVC for DaYe Special Steel Co., Ltd. After several decades’ development in technology, our company has got the ability to research and develop a series products with a voltage level of 10kV~66kV. Due to our strong ability in system research and products R&D, we can supply complete solutions to users in these aspects, like applying to SVC to solve the voltage stability of power system and increase the transmission capacity, balancing three-phase power of electrified railway, improving the power factor and inhibiting industrial smelting flicker, eliminating harmonic wave, etc.

       1.SVC controlling and protection system :

       The SVC controlling and protection system, based on the dual system redundancy design concept, has high reliability and modular function. Each system contains power acquisition unit, synchronization phase-lock unit, calculated control unit and valve base electronic unit. With the same hardware design fitting different types SVC controlling system design used in the same way.

       Main technical characteristics of the control and protection system:

       (1) The one-cabinet realization of voltage and current acquisition, calculation of controlling strategy, relay protection and TCR firing monitor.

       (2) Use of DSP + FPGA/CPLD architectural design with 32 bit floating point High controlling precision; short-time dynamic response and strong information processing capability.

       (3) Ethernet, CAN and other external communication interfaces result in complete integrated automation.

       (4) Use of TCR valve control photoelectric trigger monitoring technology, online monitoring of valve states is employed and alarm and tripping function are also provided.

       (5) Local controlling workstation, easy for site maintenance.

       2.TCR valve and reactor

       It is typically designed with a supporting type of water cooled thyristor in anti-parallel structure, and its valve firing monitoring employs high potential board self-photoelectric trigger mode and overvoltage protection unit is also set up. TCR valve group make the reactor branch absorb various reactive power in different trigging angles, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting specific system parameters.

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