Flexible direct current transmission

Flexible direct current transmission technology
TIME:April 21, 2016        SCAN:

  VSC-HVDC is a new power transmission technology based on voltage source converter, with different control strategies, can control power flow, adjust network parameters, optimize operation state of power system, and improve the system stability and reliability. Also, it can control active and passive power independently and supply power for passive networks.

       Xi'an XD Power System Co Ltd and CSG undertook the National 863 project. Using the technology of MMC (Modular Multi-level Converter), a t10kv/15MVA back-to-back VSC-HVDC system and the t160kv/50MvA Qing'ao converter were successfully developed. As the first multi-terminal VSC-HVDc project. Nan'ao vSC-HvDC has been put into operation officially in December, 2013. As we known, the vsc-HvDc system run steadily and received good feedback from the customers.

       Now, our company has organized a strong R & D team and established the multi-physical field simulation platform for designing power modular and converter valve. Many key technologies have also been mastered, which contain vsc-HvDc system research, power modular and converter valve structure design, c & p strategy and device, test circuit, test or debugging method, and so on.

       Through the independent research, our company, which achieved the goal of localization for the key equipment, is in the international leading level on vsc-HvDc technology and equipment manufacturing.

       Application field

       (1)Interconnection of renewable source energy

       (2)Supply for city power network

       (3)Supply for passive power network

       (4)Interconnection of asynchronous AC system

       Technical Parameters

       (1)Rated voltage : ±10kV~±350kV

       (2)Rated capacity 10MW~1000MW

       (3)Topology Modular multilevel converter

       (4)Structure of converter valve : tower/container

       (5) Cooling system Forced water-cooling

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