Extra high voltage direct current transmission

AC and DC Power electric transmission and distribution project systems Study and design,Complete set of equipment
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     Xian XD Power System Co., Ltd is capable of AC and DC power system projects study and engineering, providing whole technical solution, complete set of equipment supply and technical consulting of electrical engineering. So far, the company has been the only one in domestic manufacturing companies that is capable of HVDC project system study and whole-set design.

       1、 AC & DC Project System Study & Whole-set Design, Consulting, providing Whole Technical Solution

       (1)HVDC project system study & whole-set design, including Main Circuit Parameters,Overvoltage & Insulation Coordination, AC & DC Filter Design, AC & DC Breaker Study,etc.. preparing equipment specification.

       (2)VSC-HVDC project system study & whole-set design, providing project solutio preparing equipment specification.

       (3)System study & whole-set design of FACTS(SVC, TCSC, STATCOM, CSR), electric energy quality improving project, etc., providing whole solution.

       (4)System study & whole-set design of new energy resources(Wind power, Photovoltaic).

       2、Whole-set Equipment Delivery for AC & DC Project

       Providing whole-Set equipment delivery, technical coordination, guide of equipm installation, commissioning for AC & DC projects.

       Achievement of HVDC project system study and whole-set design : Shengsi ( ±50kV)、Zhousan (±l00kV ), Three Geoges-Changzhou(±500kV ), Three Geog-Shanghai (±500kV), Guizhou-Guangdong Ⅱ(±500kV ), Yunnan- Guangdong (±800kV ), Xiangjiaba-Shanghai (±800kV ), Jinping-Sunan (±800kV),Nuozhadu-Guangzhou (±800kV), Xiluodu-Guangzhou ( double Line ±500kV ), Korea Jeju (±80kV), Jinshajiang-Guangxi (±500kV ), Yongren-Funing (±500kV ), etc..

       Achievement of HVDC Whole-set Equipment Delivery : Deyang-baoji ±500kV HVDC project, Ningdong-Shandong±660kV HVDC project, Qinghai-Tibel±400kV HVDC prject, Xiluodu-Guangzhou double±500kV Line HVDC project, Korea Jeju±80kV pilot project, Xiluodu-Zhexi ±800kV UHVDC project.

       Achievement of AC project Whole-set Equipment Delivery : Wanxian 500kv SVC project, Yiyang SVC & DC melting-ice project, Emei Steel Group SVC project.

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