Extra high voltage direct current transmission

HVDC Thyristor valves
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 Converter Valve is the most important equipment of HVDCproject.In the late 70s of the last century,Xi'an XD Power System Co., Ltd. started research and development of thyristor. converter valve and related devices.Which made itself the first company capable of manufacturing and testing of HVDC converter valve in China. Until now, the company has contributed most of the converter valves to all of the domestic HVDC Project.Xi'an XD Power System Co.,Ltd. is nowcaplble of manufacturing and industrialization of both Electric Trig Thyristor (ETT)and Lighting Trig Thyristor(LTT)valves up to±1100kV voltage classes.

       The maximum capacity of HvDc converter valve we have made:

       Rated DC Voftage±1l00kV

       Rated DC Current:5000A

       Project Achievements:

       1983, Zhoushan 100kV, 500A DC transmission project

       1998, Shengsi±50kV, 600A DC transmission project

       1999, Three Gorges-Changzhou±500kV, 3000A Dc transmission project

       2000, Tianshengqiao-Guangzhou±500kV, 1800A Dc transmission project

       2001, Three Gorges-Guangzhou±500kV, 3o00A Dc transmission project

       2001, Guizhou-Guangzhout±500kV,3000A DC transmission project

       2003, Northwest-Central China 12okV, 3000A Lingbao back-to-back Dc transmission project

       2004, Three Gorges-Shanghai±500kV, 3000A DC transmission project

       2005, Guizhou-GuangzhouⅡ±500kV, 3000A DC transmission project

       2006, Northeast-North China±500kV,13000A Gaoling back-to-back DC transmission project

       2007, Yunnan-Guangdong±800kV. 3125A UHVDC project

       2007, China-Russian±125kV, 3000A Heihe back-to-back DC transmission project

       2007, Xiangjiaba-Shanghai±800kV, 4000A UHVDC project

       2008, Northwest-Central China 167kV. 4500A Lingbao back-to-back DC transmission project

       2008, Deyang-Baoji±500kV, 3000A DC transmission project

       2008, Hulunbeir-Liaoning±500kV, 3000A DC transmission project

       2010, Qinghai-Tibet±400kV. 750A DC transmission project

       2010, Xiluodu-Guangzhou±500kV, 3200A two-loop DC transmission project

       2010, Nuozhadu-Guangdong±800kV, 3125A UHVDC project

       2011, Jinping-Sunan±800kV. 4500A UHVDC project

       2012, Hami-Zhengzhou±800kV. 5000A UHVDC project

       2012, Xiluodu-West of Zhejiang±800kV, 5000A UHVDC project

       2014, Yunnan Yongren-Funing±500kV, 3000A DC transmission project

       2015, Jiuquan-Hunan±800kV, 5000A UHVDC project

       2015, Ximeng-Taizhou±800kV, 6250A UHVDC project


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